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What's most important, to a website, a blog or an affiliate product? Is to get traffic, to the website, blog or affiliate product; and it's the hardest or most difficult to get or do. No home business or any business can survive without some form of consistent advertising. If we have the money to spend, thousands of dollars per month on advertising; then we don't have to work so hard. But now in the other hand, if we don't have the money - we must make the time to do the work. Advertise your website on free classifieds sites, every day put at least two or more ads. 30 to 31 days a month equals to about 62 ads per month, on 30 to 31 different free classifieds sites. Traffic exchanges, surf 10 different traffic exchange a day; surf about 150 to 250 sites "on each one ".
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No business can survive without some form of consistent advertising!


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